A company that empowers you as an owner

We strongly believe in the value of independent primary care practices.  Finding the right partner will ensure you are able to maintain your autonomy, keep your long-term options open, and be well compensated for your services.

A turn-key system enabling a highly efficient operation

Increase efficiency by utilizing our proprietary systems and processes, that enable industry leading billing & collections rates. Under your clinical direction, our devoted care coordination teams support your patient’s compliance & participation to generate positive health outcomes

A model that is truly centered around the patient-PCP relationship

Get back to your “WHY” you became a primary care physician. We handle the business of healthcare, so you can focus 100% of your attention on improving the health of your patients.

Work on your business, not in your business

Partnership ensures you share the risk and responsibility that comes along with being an owner of a small practice. We ensure you have more time to focus on your patients, leading your practice, and continuing to make a difference in the community. 

Avance makes you scalable

We specialize in driving and supporting growth to your practice, increasing your compensation without the headaches of practice ownership. 

A True Partnership

We believe every decision, process, and asset we develop or acquire needs to incorporate supporting clinicians that are caring for patients; without them, we’d have nothing. That is the core of our organization. We take your ability to provide unencumbered, patient-facing efficiency and simplified care into consideration for all operational, technological, process-oriented, and strategic expansion decisions we make and implement. Our providers give us feedback every day – they see us as their partners and solution – something rare in an administrative and clinical partnership. They turn to us to find solutions to eliminate barriers to them providing care while balancing their efficiency and quality of life with productivity. They want us to grow and be a national force. It is very rare that providers trust a system enough to scale it rather than complain about how broken it is.

Are You An Existing Practice Owner?

With COVID-19, patient expectations have changed, the marketplace has changed, and so has the business of healthcare. It is not easy to keep up!

Avance Care is here to help. All healthcare changes are welcome if they improve safety, quality, and financial stability throughout the healthcare delivery system, thus improving the quality of life for patients and providers. As a healthcare practice owner, these questions may come to mind:

  • Is my practice financially stable enough to continue in this evolving healthcare world?
  • How am I going to keep up as healthcare technology advances?
  • How much longer can I continue working these hours before burnout occurs?
  • Why can’t I maintain a stable team and support system that lasts to enhance my success?

If you’ve wondered about any of these yourself, please contact us! Avance Care is an industry leader who can provide you unparalleled expertise with proven results while providing you a sustainable, growing practice model. See an example of our proven success.

Please contact us to learn more!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Ask us for more details.

“Ownership definitely has its benefits but at a cost of a ton of your time doing administrative & non-clinical work.  Avance Care has taken this burden away and I can focus on my passion, building relationships with patients.”

— Susan Catchings, FNP-C, Owner of Avance Care Cary

“Avance Care has allowed me to expand my reach and the services I offer my patients. Onsite behavioral wellness and nutrition services have been vital to improving patient outcomes and enhancing convenience for my patients.”

— Susan Catchings, FNP-C, Owner of Avance Care Cary

“This feels like a true partnership. Avance Care is equally devoted to helping my patients attain healthy lifestyles and outcomes. Together, we make a difference.”

— Edwin Houng, MD, Owner of Avance Care Northeast Raleigh

“I was always intrigued at the prospect of owning my own practice, but didn’t think it was realistic, given the current trends in healthcare. Partnering with Avance Care provides me autonomy along with significant financial upside, without becoming part of a large health system, nor dealing with the struggles that come with being independent practice owner.”

— Edwin Houng, MD, Owner of Avance Care Northeast Raleigh