What makes Avance Care unique?

As primary care physicians, we play a very important role in building the foundation of our patients’ good health. Every immunization, pap smear, mammogram, and colonoscopy represent a piece of this foundation. 

We employ the philosophy that checklists save lives, applying the systems identified by Atul Gawande, MD in his book, The Checklist Manifesto.

We apply standardization across our system. For example, our General Assessment tool addresses sexual health, depression screening, alcohol use/disuse, and intimate partner screening for all patients each year.

We have standardized visit templates for AWV, CPE, HTN, DM, and pediatric well-child checks. Standardization creates the structure to ensure you get the full picture of each patient’s health, and liberates you to inspire and coach your patient to good health.

Our centralized pre-visit planning team populates your note with data for chronic-condition management to eliminate the need for you to pre-chart on patients.

We have centralized teams supporting chronic-care management; the team  includes a pharmacologist who does medication therapy management.

We have centralized referral coordinators, transitional care management, billing and scheduling teams.

You will have your own MA who will be trained to follow YOUR preferences.

Labs prior to the visit makes the time with the patient more meaningful and cuts down on the need for communication after the visit.

Many physicians use scribes. We are launching a pilot with remote scribes.

On average, our physicians and providers see two patients per hour.

We have robust and meaningful peer review.

We offer scheduling flexibility and the opportunity for local ownership. Having the practice owner on site inspires local teamwork and work satisfaction.

What is Avance Care seeking in physicians and APPs?

We work in teams and include a registered dietitian and licensed therapist at every location. We seek physician leaders and APPs who do not want to practice in a silo.

We love tech-savvy physicians and APPs who want to use our online resources.

We are leaders in telehealth and predict most of our physicians will participate in telehealth in the future.

We admire physicians and APPs who want to do as much as possible at the primary care level and who say “I can do that” to avoid referrals. Whenever possible, we refer to primary care physicians within the Avance Care system to avoid unnecessary referrals.

We are looking for clinicians who embrace value-based care. Metrics will follow you the rest of your career; we give you support to help you close the care gaps.

What is it about Avance Care’s mission that sets it apart from other primary care facilities in the area?

Our unique organization was founded with the objective to reduce overall healthcare and was intentionally designed for value-based reimbursement, a system that rewards quality over quantity.

What makes Avance Care different from any other primary care facility?

Convenience, patient experience, comprehensive services at one location, and patient support between appointments. Our Annual Patient Outcome Study attests that we are succeeding in these points of differentiation.  

Are you using different technology? A proprietary patient approach?

Technology and systems are part of Avance’s secret sauce. We utilize a combination of proprietary and off-the-shelf technology. The three primary objectives of our software are:

  1. Simplify patient engagement
  2. Increase operational efficiencies
  3. Standardization 
Are Avance Care doctors part of a franchise?

No. Avance physicians may be employed by Avance Care or own an Avance Care practice.  

With ownership, we offer a tight-knit partnership in which the physician benefits financially from the growth of the practice, but can offload all the administrative and business functions to Avance Care.  Our model allows both physician employees and physician owners to see patients and go home.

What makes Avance Care different from any other primary care facility?

We want each patient to know: this is your medical home.

The difference is evident from the moment the patient is greeted by a patient coordinator in a beautiful lobby. Patients provide their medical and personal history privately and efficiently through electronic kiosks. The atmosphere in the clinical space is calming and therapeutic. Medical assistants are well-versed in the efficiencies of the system. Patients rarely wait more than 20 minutes past the appointment time to see a provider.

Dietitian, behavioral wellness, clinical pharmacist and allergy services are available at the medical home – there is no need to go to yet another office to receive these services.

Do physicians and APPs have the autonomy to make decisions for patients?

Absolutely. We emphasize standardization in systems within the Avance organization, but when it comes to individual clinical decision making, we leave it up to our highly trained physicians and APPs to make the best clinical decisions for each patient.

We have several systems in place to help our clinicians make decisions. For example, our administrative team mines each patient’s chart before a chronic care visit for the data required to adjust blood pressure medication or modify diabetes care. This allows clinicians more time during the patient encounter to coach, educate and inspire.

We offer recommendations to make documentation efficient, which allows more time to focus on patient interaction and decision making. We provide a Provider Efficiency Booklet, a compilation of best practices of the most productive physicians, plus hints for how to make the Electronic Medical Record work for the clinician.