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Say goodbye to long waits for a 7-minute appointment, complicated forms, insurance debates and conversations with your physician that leave you with more bills, questions and referrals than answers. At Virtua MD, your path to great health and longevity is simple with the best family medicine physicians and specialists, comprehensive primary care services and a group of health care providers who value your time, your experience and your health beyond our office.


Unlimited Access

We give you unlimited access to our health care providers. Come in as often as you need and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you have a comfortable, exceptional health care experience.


Annual comprehensive Lab Testing Included

You will receive an annual comprehensive lab analysis as part of your membership.  We go beyond traditional testing recognizing traditional testing such as cholesterol and glucose screening frequently does not accurately assess true risk for disease.  We will be able to get you access to the most cutting edge technology.  Dr. Dall will provide a comprehensive analysis of your labs.  As a leading expert in this field and more than 15 years clinical experience using biomarkers you will receive the highest level of specialty care.


24-Hour Access

At Virtua MD, call our office at 888-498-5296 to reach a member of your wellness team. Members can also reach us by video conference or email anytime.  Our secure patient portal allows you to access your medical record, request refills, view labs or access our extensive resource library any time that is convenient for you.


VirtuaMD Global Medical Access

As part of your membership at VirtuaMD Concierge, you will be able to make 24 hour unlimited appointment from anywhere in the world to any one of our Global contracted top physicians or clinicians. Whether you are traveling abroad, on a plane or on a cruise you can always have a peace of mind knowing that we will be there with you.


Extended Office Hours And Virtual Appointments

We schedule an introductory meeting with new patients of up to 2 hours to make sure that we can address all of your health concerns.


Personalized, Insurance-free Primary Care

We don’t take insurance which means that we have the ability to spend more time with you and provide you with truly personalized health care.  Ask us how to use your Heath Savings Account (HSA) to cover annual concierge fees.


Nutrition Counseling

One of the key ways that our health care providers help you “be well” is through comprehensive “in depth” analysis of your lifestyle. We believe that a basic understanding of nutrition is essential to true wellness and we also believe that much of what you have been taught about nutrition in the past may not be the most up to date understanding of the science.  We have comprehensive tools both online and in person to help us work with you on your specific areas of need. Together with our great team of dietitions we will help you reach your health goals, whether that goal is to lose weight or reduce need for medication, we will work with you.


Lab, Specialist, and Hospital Coordination

If you’ve ever been to the hospital or ER, you know that the physicians there don’t always have access to pertinent information about your health. As a Virtua MD patient, if you end up in the hospital or work with a number of specialists, we will coordinate your care on your behalf, making sure that all of your providers are apprised of your health concerns and needs, so that you can get back to the important things in life: Experiencing Well.


Advanced Lab Analysis

Laboratory tests you receive with your annual membership may include but not limited to the following:

  • Apo B
  • NMR lipoprofile ( LDL Particle number and size)
  • Lipoprotein (a)
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Genetic testing for MTHFR and other coagulation testing
  • Vitamin analysis
  • Sterol testing
  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Metabolic markers
  • Thyroid screen
  • Diabetes screen

Comprehensive,Preventive Approach To Wellness

At Virtua MD, we think about medicine differently. Prevention is the name of the game in our office, and it’s not just a vaccine, a 7-minute visit, and you’re on your way. In our office, we’ll sit down with you for as long as you need to create a comprehensive plan that fits your wellness goals and your lifestyle needs. We’re here to be your guide in wellness, from nutrition and supplement counseling, to preventive tests, we want you to live a long, healthy, happy life.


Traveler's Health

If you’re leaving the country, we can help. Not only can we get you the appropriate vaccines, but upon your request, we can provide you with comprehensive preventive medicine unique to the country you’re visiting. Ask about our travel medicine program today.


On-Site Blood Draw

At Virtua MD, we know you’re busy. We can’t perform all lab tests in-house, but we take your blood in our office and send it out to the appropriate lab, so that you don’t have an extra phlebotomy fee and waste time waiting for your blood to be drawn.


Insurance Consulting and Coordination

We know. Insurance is confusing. Even though we don’t bill insurance, at Virtua MD, we can help guide you in your insurance needs, in and out of our office.


Discounted Medispa Services

We provide 10 % automatic discount to concierge members on all medispa services and products.  If there is a product or service you are looking for let us know.  We offer safe and effective anti aging products and will continue to grow this service line as need demands.  We want you to look and feel fantastic on the inside and out.


Discounts with Our Wellness Partners

We have a group of companies that we work with because they have as deep of a commitment to wellness and customer service as we do. Ask about our wellness partners today.

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